Careers with Us

You’ve dreamed all your life of having an outstanding and fulfilling career. You specialise in graphic design, illustration and/or even animation. Or, you might want to make it big in copywriting or web developing. Well, then, Zanity is the perfect place for you.

Why you should pick us?

Because, if you plan to become a top-notch employee in one of the abovementioned fields, you need to experience working with us. Zanity is unique in so many ways.

At Zanity, we believe in honing your skills instead of exploiting them.

If you aspire to reach higher-level goals and enjoy striving to meet challenges, Zanity provides it. With us, your efforts and personal achievements make an impact on both a local and international scale. In fact, we have personnel in every major Australian city and in many countries like the UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Canada and Japan.

Zanity brings out the best in its people. Meeting clients, editors and authors on a daily basis to achieve business objectives, you’ll get to see the fruits of your hard work on billboards, in magazines, or even on the web.

Throughout your school life, you might not have been one of those students who always had the answer to the questions the teacher asked in class. The good thing is you don’t need to be one of these students.

You don’t need to be brilliant to work with Zanity; you just need to be smart.

With the help of Zanity, and with the right effort in the right direction, you can outshine many of your contemporaries.

You wouldn’t just be working for us. You would be working with us, learning from us, and growing with us. With Zanity, you’ll take home so much more than just your salary.

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